Shazad Amin: So the evidence shows, this is the government's own figures, and other people analyse them as well, that a British Muslim is eight times more likely to be referred to a Channel programme under Prevent. Now, you might say, well, what's the big deal about that, but that shows it's clearly discriminatory.

[Voiceover]: Channel is a practical component of the Prevent strategy, which the government claims provides early support to vulnerable people who are at risk of being drawn into terrorism, before they get involved with terrorist activity.

Shazad Amin: The most recent data up to 2019 showed that 90% of referrals to Channel were unwarranted, i.e. basically they were assessed, and they were found that they didn't have to go through the deradicalization programme, essentially. Yeah? There were other issues going on whether it’s health, education, whatever. Now 90% is a hell of a lot. Yes? If you had a drug licenced in the UK that only had a 10% success rate, what would you think about it?
Discrimination, Institutions, Justice

Does the government’s Prevent strategy disproportionately target British Muslims? (Clip)

Published on 18 Jul 2022

Prevent is a controversial aspect of the government’s anti-terrorism strategy, that many argue puts at risk the rights and freedoms of people – particularly Muslims – across the UK. This film explores the issues with Prevent, the government’s review of it and why 17 human rights organisations decided to boycott that review after Sir William Shawcross was appointed to lead it.

It features interviews with: Rania Hafez, senior education lecturer at the University of Greenwich, who tells us about how Prevent has impacted the education sector. Dr Shazad Amin, Deputy Chair of MEND (Muslim Engagement and Development), who provides an overall context of the issues with Prevent, and why MEND (along with 16 other organisations) signed up to the aforementioned boycott. And finally an anonymous story of a mother whose son was unfairly referred to Prevent at just 11 years old.

In this clip we take a look at whether Prevent disproportionately targets British Muslims. You can watch the full film here.

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