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If you've a story that you'd like us to cover, here is all the information to find out if your story fits and how to submit

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Inspired Source
At the moment we are only able to commission stories for our Inspired Source series. This series is part of our work to amplify voices that are underrepresented in the media and marginalised by society. We pay aspiring writers based in the UK £100 to produce a 400-600 word opinion piece. – find out how to submit your story for consideration here

Organisations working in human rights
Whilst we are unable to commission outside of the Inspired Source series at the moment – we are still interested in working to amplify the work of other organisations that work with human rights in any way in the UK.

If you are an organisation that works in this field, please fill in our form below.

If you have a story you want to tell us or you want to volunteer.
You are welcome to get in touch if you have a story that you think we’d be interested in covering OR if you are an individual that wants to volunteer a piece to us.  Please do note we get a lot of enquiries and we’re a small team so we can’t guarantee we’ll get back to you we’re afraid but thank you in advance for your interest in our work.

Your email should include:

  • A summary of your proposed article, and how it relates to human rights in the UK (please note our charitable remit is to cover human rights issues in the UK so we’re unable to take any pitches that focus on issues outside of the UK UNLESS they have a significant issue to bear on human rights in the UK so please bear that in mind when putting your ideas together

If you are putting forward a story as a member of the public – for an issue that you think our readers need to know about:

  • Why this is of interest to the British public
  • Your relationship to the case

If you are proposing to write something for us as a volunteer:

  • Brief information on who you are and if you are a volunteer – any examples of published work
  • An explanation of how your proposed piece will add to what’s been published on the issue
  • Please also advise a rough timescale for you to produce the article, and whether it’s a news story or an in-depth report.

Complete our online form

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Find out more about our complaints procedure and how to submit a complaint through our official complaint form.

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