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A Letter From EachOther's Sarah Wishart
Our mission is to build knowledge of and support for human rights in the UK and our charitable objects include promoting human rights and raising awareness of human rights issues. Our Spotlights are a platform to those whose are often ignored, marginalised and whose human rights are most under threat. Sex workers are among these marginalised groups – which is why we ran a week of stories focussing on this issue, prioritising their voices and those of leading experts. In 2019 we started a project with the ECP to take this approach to look at the issues around the research they had been doing around decriminalisation. We put the voices of those most affected – sex workers – at the heart of our content and whilst this was extremely important to us, we also felt that it was key to reflect the latest research on the issue to inform our readers from an evidence-based position and heard from a number of leading academics in the field. The animation that we created from testimonials from the research the ECP had done was put together with over 7000 drawings and watercolours from the animator Tom Senior - using the voices of a mid wife and a sex worker who had taken part in the ECP's research. We also featured a separate video from the ECP that looked at their research in more detail. We also ran a poll to find out what you thought and more of you believe sex workers should not be punished for operating out of brothels or on the street than those who think they should. Have a look at that poll and the materials we brought under a light in summer 2019. Find out more in all the materials below. Very best Sarah
Dr Sarah Wishart, Interim CEO and Creative Director of EachOther

“The fight for worker’s rights, rights to citizenship, full health care, work free from violence, fair treatment in the taxation system and the basic rights all workers enjoy are still a pipe dream while criminalisation exists”.

Prof. Teela Sanders

Co-Chair of the Sex Work Research Hub

Watch our award winning animation - What's a Nice Girl Like You Doing In a Job Like This

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Here is a video all about the 'What’s a Nice Girl like You Doing in a Job like This’ research that the ECP had completed in summer 2019.

2019 research

What's a Nice Girl Like You' - more about the research