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A Letter From EachOther's Sarah Wishart
Disadvantaged communities often lack representation and a voice in mainstream society. EachOther want to use our fake news, myth-busting, positive story, community led and PR focused approach to allow those voices to be heard. In 2018 we started a project with the Aziz Foundation who asked us to take this approach to look at the issues around the hostile environment. We talked to a number of organisations working to reduce the effects on marginalised communities. We made a short documentary that heard from front line workers, charities working with campaigns to make change to these policies because of the human rights of the people in their care, and we heard from migrants living in the UK whose lives have been affected by the 'hostile environment. In this Spotlight you can watch the films that we made in partnership with a range of voices and people working on the margins and read the accounts of the impact of the hostile environment. You can also find out more from the organisations we worked with to produce this series of content. Hope you find this useful! Very best Sarah
Dr Sarah Wishart, Interim CEO and Creative Director of EachOther

If you only watch one thing, make it this:

/ 29 Nov 2019

#HostileEnvironment Across The Web

We are pleased to announce that Bonny Downs Community Association @bdca247 have joined as Impact Partners for #VoicesFromIsolation. We will be working together to challenge #NRPF policies in the U.K. Get in touch to learn more! #hostileenvironment

Episode #5 of the #hostileenvironment podcast is up. “Human Godzilla” is hilarious and ready to download on @iTunes @Spotify and @buzzsprout

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