Fran Zanatta: Today we are here in Parliament protesting against the reading of the Immigration Bill. We are very much concerned about the treatment of human rights and of humans in general. And the Bill is diminishing the humanity of migrants. The Bill is affecting the human rights of immigrants because it's dividing immigrants into different categories.

And the categories are determined by the assumed value of the migrant towards the country. So for example, migrants that would earn above £30,000 would be acceptable to be kept in the country. So it's really creating a division of quality of migrants. It's also preventing migrants from the capacity for recourse. On a personal level, this means a lot to me because I'm a migrant myself. I'm from Italy and I moved to the UK in 2007 and through this new Immigration Bill, I wouldn't be able to move to the UK nowadays, and so many other students, migrants, and families that would like to come to the UK will not have the capacity or might be at risk of being deported or being separated from their family members.

Fran Zanatta talking at the Immigration Bill protest

Published on 29 Nov 2019

Have you heard about the implications of the Immigration Bill?

We joined Schools ABC Dr Francesca Zanatta on a protest against the bill which deeply affects the rights of migrants. As a migrant herself, she is driven to make sure that others entering the country are met with dignity and respect.

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