Using Our Content

Thanks for stopping by – we’re really glad you did. If you like you what you saw and want to share our inspiring human rights stories, we’ve got good news – you can!

All of our articles and videos are free to republish using a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 licence, and you can also use them in educational resources like lesson plans. This sounds like a lot of letters, but it’s actually pretty simple. Essentially, as long as you’re not making money out of our work, you’re able to republish it as long as you credit us and don’t change it in any way (more details incoming).

Looking to use our content for commercial purposes? We’ll most likely find a way to make it work, we just need to know what the deal is first, so just drop us a line on and we’ll sort something out.

Republishing Guidelines

If you’re looking to republish our work on your own website, great, but we do have a couple of guidelines to follow. We’re more than happy to answer any questions though, so just email us on if anything is unclear.

  • You can use our in-house videos and articles: Unfortunately, we’re unable to licence our photographs, as a lot of these come from different sources with their own licences and copyright terms. We’ll always link back to where they came from though, so you’re able to get in touch with the creator directly if you want to use them yourself.
  • You need to give us a credit: If you’re using an article, both the author and RightsInfo need to be given credit for the work. This can either be using a joint byline for both RightsInfo and the author’s name or using the format ‘Firstname Surname at RightsInfo’. If you’re using our videos, a simple credit directly underneath will do!
  • We’ll also need a link: Whether you’re working on print or digital you’ll also need to need to make sure you include a link back to us at You might find it the following example text useful ‘This article has been republished under Creative Commons from EachOther (, a human rights charity which inspires people to think again about human rights.
  • You need to let us know when you’ve used our content: Knowing where you’re using our content is a massive help for us. We’re a really small charity, so knowing who we’ve reached and how we’ve made an impact is really important. Just drop a line to saying what you’ve used the content for with a URL or proof if applicable – any statistics on how many people you’ve reached or comments on if you’ve found it useful are an added bonus!
  • You can’t sell our stuff: Unless you’ve got our permission, you can’t sell the content we’ve created, or use it for commercial purposes. Don’t be glum though – we’re more than happy to agree to things on a case by case basis, so just drop us an email and we’ll work it out.
  • You can’t use *all* of our articles or videos: We’re excited that you want to use our stuff, but a reasonable usage policy applies. Essentially you can’t publish all of our articles to your website or have them make up the majority of the work you publish. If you’re unsure, just email us.
  • You can’t edit our content: While we appreciate you may need to make some small changes to match your house style or to reflect changes in the date, you’re not able to make any material edits without running through them first. If you want to make any substantial changes, or cuts to the text or video, drop us a line.

Any questions? Drop us a line on