Rania Hafez :So I'm Rania Hafiz. I'm Senior Lecturer in Education at the University of Greenwich. I've been a teacher all my life for the past 28 years now. I think Prevent when it came to the fore, it started worrying quite a few of us teachers, and certainly my union, which is UCU, is quite concerned about the implications of Prevent.

I've taught in Higher Education now for 15 years. But before that, I spent quite a number of years in Further Education. I've also been a governor at schools and in Further Education colleges. And increasingly, I started becoming aware of how Prevent was, it's fair to say, poisoning the relationship between tutors and students. But also it was targeting in particular particular groups of students, namely Muslim students. So that kind of concerned me as an educationalist, and also as a kind of practitioner, and a governor in colleges and schools.
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Is Prevent poisoning the relationship between teacher and student? (Clip)

Published on 18 Jul 2022

Prevent is a controversial aspect of the government’s anti-terrorism strategy, that many argue puts at risk the rights and freedoms of people – particularly Muslims – across the UK. This film explores the issues with Prevent, the government’s review of it and why 17 human rights organisations decided to boycott that review after Sir William Shawcross was appointed to lead it.

It features interviews with: Rania Hafez, senior education lecturer at the University of Greenwich, who tells us about how Prevent has impacted the education sector. Dr Shazad Amin, Deputy Chair of MEND (Muslim Engagement and Development), who provides an overall context of the issues with Prevent, and why MEND (along with 16 other organisations) signed up to the aforementioned boycott. And finally an anonymous story of a mother whose son was referred to Prevent at just 11 years old.

In this clip we hear from Rania Hafez about her experience with Prevent, as an educationalist.

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