Excluded: young people speak out on school exclusions

Age / 10 Dec 2020

A documentary with a difference

Young people are speaking up for their right to education. EachOther is standing up for their right to be heard.

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The UN Poverty Envoy's UK Visit, Two Years On

/ 23 Nov 2020

Hear us

Inequality underpins many human rights issues in the UK, and young people's voices are often unheard. In 2018, UN poverty envoy Philip Alston spoke to young people about their lived experiences.

We look at the enduring impact

People's Powers

/ 16 Oct 2020

An uncertain future

Judicial review is a vital safeguard, enabling ordinary folk to challenge public bodies when they feel they have been treated unfairly. But, rather worryingly, it is feared this power could soon be watered down...

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Black History Month

Black Lives Matter

In August and September this year, we lent our platform to four Black guest editors who are working to fight injustice. They examined the themes of justice, education, charity and journalism in the UK.

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Black Lives Matter

"I would advocate that now is the time to outright create a movement in the UK that is centered on social and racial justice within the explicit idea of movement lawyering."


"In a systemically racist society, being non-racist is not enough. Opting for neutrality is siding with oppression. We must be actively anti-racist in everything we are and do."


"The systemic racism we face has at its roots the legacies of colonialism and enslavement"


"The government is placing boulders and impediments and bureaucracy in the way of justice."


"The answer to the question of how we incorporate anti-racism in our work is not a simple one. It requires retraining, constant reading, and self-reflection but we should view it as essential work."


"The uncomfortable truth is that the rights we take for granted here are built on the principle that Black life does not matter."


"The work of confronting racism – inwardly and outwardly – is never done. Sometimes, it will mean those of us with a platform shutting up and making way for others."


"Good intentions do not give the charity sector immunity from the pervasive nature of systemic racism".


"At the height of the BLM movement this year, a lot of Black creatives were promised jobs. However, as the weeks went on, the opportunities dwindled & a lot of creatives didn’t hear back from those companies. We need more organisations to hire & amplify the voices of Black people


"Racism affects every aspect of our lives - from our education to our justice system. So, until we adopt a holistic anti-racism strategy, we will not make progress"


"Without a representative media not everyone’s human rights will be properly reported on & therefore protected. If we care about our human rights we must all fight for media diversity"


"The fresh perspectives of people from different ethnic backgrounds, as well as different social backgrounds, are needed if we are to truly, fully reflect the concerns and interests of modern Britain".


"It’s been an honour and an education to work with our guest editors, and to amplify the vital work they, and their peers, are doing to fight racial injustice."


"Black Lives Matter is the bare minimum. Radicalism in relation to the status quo (a society which does not value Black Lives) should not be seen as abhorrent, instead we should focus on tackling the status quo."


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