We are EachOther (formerly RightsInfo)

Dear readers,

We used to be called RightsInfo, but in December 2019 we became "EachOther".

Find out why:

A Letter To Our Readers: We’ve Changed Our Name – Here’s Why

What We Stand For

"Unless human rights protect all of us, they protect none of us."


“Absolute power corrupts. Our rights help ensure that power is shared among all of us”


"The more I learn about human rights, the more I realise they're integral to every part of our lives"


"Human rights are unique to everyone, no matter who you are, what you believe in or where you come from".


Support EachOther

We focus our energies on promoting human rights issues through our independent journalism – through the written word and through films, animations and graphics. We’re a very small team so any support you can give us will enable us to get out and report more on the issues that matter to you.

£150 would pay for ten minutes of the new podcast we’re going to launch in 2020

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