[Text on screen] These videos were made to celebrate and amplify young people's voices. As such, each one is voiced by a young person from within the Bingham network.

[Voiceover]: The phrase “rule of law” may sound boring, but it’s actually really important when it comes to protecting our rights and making sure we live in a fair society - and there’s nothing boring about that!

Put simply it means that everyone, including the government, is bound by the law. Nobody is above it. It means laws can’t be made in secret, without us knowing.

And it means that new laws should not criminalise things that have already happened. It’s the role of judges to apply the law, that includes making sure that those in power don’t breach our human rights.

For example, the police are not allowed to stop and search you without having reasonable grounds, and if they do you should be able to hold them to account under the rule of law.

Ultimately, when used properly, the rule of law can be a powerful tool to protect us against injustice.

It should ensure we are not treated unfairly or deprived of our rights for no reason, and it’s something we need to protect.

[Text on screen]: “The Rule of Law is crucial to every aspect of our lives. It allows us to lie how we wish, to act how we wish (within reason), to be who we wish and to be accountable to ourselves and others.”

This video was voiced by Luke Ireland.

Education, Young People

Why the Rule of Law is important

Published on 20 Jun 2022

In partnership with The Bingham Centre, we’ve made a brand new series of videos that explores the importance of public legal education for young people, particularly as it relates to the Rule of Law.

A 2018 report of the UK House of Lords said that young people learning about their rights is “in a parlous state.” Many believe that public legal education in schools is lacking, and leaves many young people unaware of the extent of their rights. If more young people can be equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to be active citizens, they can feel more empowered to do so. We, along with The Bingham Centre, hope these videos can be a stepping-off point for many young people to further their public legal education and learn more about their rights.

We kick off the series with this video, exploring what exactly the rule of law is!

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