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Our platform features the stories of people whose rights are put at risk by politicians, the press and others. The work we produce takes many different forms, including, for example, daily news stories, features, opinion pieces, timelines, live-streamed events, animations, short videos and longer films, as well as various forms of social media content.

We want to continue to do this – so it’d really help us explain the work that we’re doing if we can see the impact that we have – and that’s where you come in.

We’ve done surveys before but we don’t want to rest on our laurels – so we’ve another one this year – to regularly keep up with our audiences.

We’d like you to tell us a bit more about the sort of impact EachOther’s work has had on you. EachOther is all about getting people to tell their own stories, so tell us yours. Has anything EachOther produced helped you understand an issue more deeply, or even changed your mind about it? Has one of EachOther’s videos helped you discuss human rights more confidently? Have you been affected personally by any of the issues EachOther has covered and want to let the team know how it’s doing?

We’ve kept the survey brief, so it should just take a couple of minutes to let us know what you think. We appreciate we’re asking for a little of your time though, so there’ll be a prize draw for £100 which you can enter once you’ve filled the survey in.

Your responses will help EachOther demonstrate – particularly to potential funders – the value of amplifying the voices of people who aren’t often heard. It will help the team show why this material needs to reach an even wider audience. Securing more funding will mean EachOther’s storytelling, filmmaking and independent journalism can not only continue but grow, getting more people’s stories out there, putting the human into human rights.

Here’s a link to the survey – help EachOther today!