23 Oct 2022

No Going Back

Episode 0

Trailer: No Going Back

Introducing a brand new podcast from EachOther. EachOther are an unusual sort of human rights charity in that we use independent journalism, storytelling and filmmaking to talk about human rights. Our work is grounded in seeking out the lived experience of ordinary people affected by human rights issues in the widest sense. We prioritise voices from affected communities all over the UK, involving people in the process of developing their own stories rather than talking for or over them. We have lots of ideas about the kinds of stories we might get to bring you with our podcasts, but under lockdown, what we became really interested in was the ways we've all been doing things differently. Some of these interviews were recorded some time ago, but all of them still have really fascinating lessons and insights as to how we might do things differently going forward. I'm Sarah Wishart, and welcome to our first podcast, 'No Going Back.

I'm really delighted that for our first episode of 'No Going Back', I was able to interview Peter Hoar, who's a director for film and television. Peter directed and executive produced 'It's A Sin', a five-part series that followed a group of young friends as they embraced London's gay scene in the 90s and confronted the tragic effects of AIDs on that community. Created and written by Russell T. Davis, it aired on Channel Four in January 2021, with glowing five star reviews, and had over 6.5 million viewers in the first week, making it Channel Four's biggest ever drama launch. The show's been nominated for countless awards. And in 2022. Peter won a best 'Director of Fiction' BAFTA for the show. He also directed the pilot and finale of The Umbrella Academy's' first season for Netflix, and has directed episodes of 'Altered Carbon', 'Iron Fist', 'Daredevil' and 'The Defenders' for Marvel, Netflix, as well as two episodes of 'Cloak and Dagger' for Disney. Peter has done so many fascinating projects, but it was 'It's A Sin', show, I want to talk to him about the most.