[Voiceover 1]: There are elections happening in May. Depending on where you live these are to elect
·   Councillors to your local council
·   A Mayor for your local area
·   Or if you live in Wales or Scotland, to elect politicians to your government.

[Voiceover 2]: Mayors, Politicans and councillors work for local people to improve services and make sure that your local area has a voice.

[Voiceover 3]: Councillors work for the local council and control things like schools, sites, housing and leisure centres.The voting will take place on Thursday the 6th May.

[Voiceover 1]: To be able to vote you have to register first. The deadline for registering is the 19th April.

[Voiceover 3]:There are a few ways to register to vote. These are by filling out a form online, filling out a paper form or by ringing your local authority who will provide more information.

[Voiceover 1]:The form will ask you if you want to apply for a postal vote. This means if you don’t want to go out to vote, you can have your voting card sent to you through the post.

[Voiceover 2]: A few days before the election you will receive your postal ballot — all you need to do is follow the instructions, fill out the ballot paper and stick the envelope in the post.

[Voiceover 1]:If you vote in person, on the 6th of May you will need to go to your local polling station and cast your vote, put a cross next to who you want to vote for and post your paper into a box. Staff are on hand at polling stations if you need any help.

[Voiceover 3]: For further information visit www.travellermovement.org.uk/campaigns/operation-traveller-vote

For Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Communities, Voting Is A Chance To Be Heard

Published on 6 Apr 2021

Through their new campaign, #OperationTravellerVote, The Traveller Movement is encouraging Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities to vote next month. They partnered with us to make this video explaining why and how everyone should vote!

You can see more info on the Traveller Movement website, You can also read our story about it on our website.

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