Child 1: I'm trying to find one that she'll find hard.

[Text on screen]: Some questions are tough to answer.

Child 2: I don't know.

[Text on screen]: Others, not so much.

Child 3:I want to be an artist.

Child 4: A teacher.

Child 5: [Raises hand] Oh, oh! ...footballer.

[Text on screen]: Is the right to education important?

Child 6: If you don't learn at school, and when you're a grown-up, you won't know anything.

Child 7: We're like doing education right now.

[Text on screen]: What is freedom of expression?

Child 8: You should be listened to what somebody has said...says.

Child 9: Being able to get your point across then.

Child 10: We have to listen to them and they have to listen to us.

[Text on screen]: What is discrimination?

Child 11: Certain people are treated differently, just because their beliefs.

Child 1: That is absolutely not kind.

Child 12: [Turns to friend] You can't wear blue, because you're a girl.

[Text on screen]: Should everyone have the right to vote?

Child 13: Yes, we should. Because in the olden days, only men could vote and everyone thought that was quite unfair.

Child 14: We vote for the school Prime Minister who makes all the things happen around in the school.

[Text on screen]: What are human rights?

Child 6: A right that all humans should have.

Child 15: This is, like, what the whole thing's about.

Child 16: You don't just want them, you need them.

Child 17: It's mostly about being fair.

Who is responsible for looking after our rights?

Child 1: The head teacher.

Child 8: Mrs. Lee.

Child 6: Everybody.

Child 12: Basically all of us. Children and adults, so we can know about them, and that can help us and we can ask for help if we need it.

Child 18: Our teachers, us, our friends.

Child 19: If it wasn't for rights, people would be getting bullied all over the world.
Young People

What do kids think about human rights?

Published on 29 Nov 2019

Kids are creative and inquisitive little people, so what are their thoughts on human rights?

We teamed up with the Equalities and Human Rights Commission to find out what kids know about human rights. We travelled to five different schools across the UK to ask about their thoughts on fairness, discrimination and even voting! Turns out, they have a lot of things to say about the topic, so we made sure to give them a space to do just that, have a watch!

This video is part of our #FairPlay campaign, read more on that on our campaign page:

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