Eric: They came into our house kicking the door in accusing us to have played a part in the killing of the president. Up until one of them I think threw up one of these albums. The photos took his attention. "Who are these people?" "That's me and my teammates". "Do you play for Rayon Sports?" I said "yes, I know every Rayon Sports player". "How can you say you're a Rayon Sports player?" "Well, if you're really a Rayon Sports fan then take those pictures and look at look at the pictures". We started chatting. We sat on the sofa. That moment of him realising who I was really changed the whole atmosphere there. They had come into that house specifically to kill us.
Discrimination, Race

This Rwandan Genocide Survivor’s Life Was Saved By Football

Published on 29 Nov 2019

Eric tells us the tragic story of how he survived the Rwandan genocide, when militia come to his house with the intention to kill him, but spared his life upon realising Eric’s association with football.

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