The Panel: ‘Excluded’
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The Panel: ‘Excluded’

Published on 11 Dec 2020

On 10th December, Human Rights Day, we launched our first long-form documentary ‘Excluded’. In it, we hear exclusively from those most affected by school exclusions: young people – who share their stories and views on this complex human rights issue.

To continue the conversation around the issues covered in ‘Excluded’, we held a live-streamed panel discussion on Friday 11 December at 12pm.

The panel was chaired by youth activist Betty Mayo, an alumni of social justice charity the Advocacy Academy, who features in our documentary and helped shape it.

Among the panellists was Natalia Morgan, from the No Lost Causes campaign group which also forms a key part of our film.

We were also joined by Glasgow City Council’s education director Maureen McKenna, who set up the ‘Nurture programme’ credited with drastically reducing school exclusions; and Dr Halima Begum, director of race equality charity the Runnymede Trust.

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