RightsInfo Signs up to Mental Health Reporting Charter


RightsInfo is pleased to announce it has signed up to the new Mental Health Reporting Charter, which aims to promote responsible reporting of mental health issues.

Developed by Natasha Devon in association with The Samaritans, Beat and Mental Health First Aid, it is a set of common sense guidelines for reporting mental health issues.

Other publications to sign up include, Heat and Kerrang, and it has also been endorsed by Girlguiding UK and the Coalition for Men & Boys.

Common Sense Guidelines

Points in the charter include not using the phrase “committed suicide”, including links to good quality of sources of support if content might spark a need for help in a reader and understanding the difference between mental health and mental health illness.

Jem Collins, News and Social Media Editor at RightsInfo, said: “RightsInfo tries to cover a range of mental health issues in relation to human rights, which we believe is an extremely important topic to cover.

“We want to make sure we report these issues responsibly, so are very pleased to sign up to the Mental Health Media Charter to make sure we try and get it right.”

You can read the full charter online here.

Featured Image: Natasha Devon / Mental Health Media Charter