Young People

Journeys Through Mental Health – Ray’s Story

Published on 10 Jan 2023

‘Journeys Through Mental Health’ was EachOther’s first comic strip, created out of conversations we had with young people with lived experience of mental health issues. It was illustrated by the amazing Sabba Khan and made in partnership with Richmond Fellowship.

The comic features the stories of Marcus, Tia and Ray – all of whom experience different struggles with their mental health, but each of them have found their own way through. This is an animated version of Ray’s story. Ray experienced a lot of family turmoil when she was younger but managed to find her way through her struggles thanks to a very particular sport.

Please note that Ray’s story contains references to family trauma, substance abuse, alcoholism, self harm and body image issues and may be triggering to some people. If you’ve been struggling with any issues raised in this animation, you can access a range of resources and organisations on our spotlight page

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