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The free press is under attack and that is damaging our democracy.

Threats to journalists are increasing worldwide.

Journalists have even been attacked and killed.

How does this affect our human rights?

A healthy democracy needs a free press.

That’s because an independent press is an essential check on governments.

The press have been key in uncovering scandals involving government and politicians.

Like MP’s expenses and Watergate.

So the press must be able to express itself without government interference.

Human rights laws protects press freedom in three important ways:

1. Journalists are free to report on issues of public interest
2. Journalists can almost never be forced to reveal their sources
3. The press is protected from oppressive regulation

Free expression is a universal human right.

It is fundamental to a democratic society.

The press offers an invaluable platform for our voices to be heard.

We need to defend the press against those who want to silence it.

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How Human Rights Protect Press Freedom

Published on 29 Nov 2019

When journalists and press freedom come under fire, our human rights are at stake.

We need a free press to be able to report on governments without bias or twisting facts. So in light of journalists being threatened worldwide, we must stand behind them to protect and ensure a healthy democracy. Here are a few ways that press freedom is important for our human rights.

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