[Text on screen]: In the UK, racist incidents have been on the rise since Brexit.

Every day, millions suffer injustices because of their skin colour, nationality and ethnic origin.

We have come a long way but society is still rife with discrimination.

But change is possible thanks to anti-discrimination laws.

The UK has a long history of tackling racial injustice.

The UK has a long and sometimes dark history when it comes to race.

Britain dominated the slave trade for centuries until it was abolished in 1807.

Some waves of immigration were followed by discrimination and abuse.

But in 1965 the Race Relations Act made discrimination illegal in the UK.

Today, the unemployment rate for ethnic minorities is over twice as high as for white people.

Around 20 children are excluded from school every day for being racially abusive.

After the EU referendum the number of hate crimes rose.

The Human Rights Convention says we can’t discriminate because of race, religion, colour or nationality.

The Equality Act makes it illegal for employers to discriminate against us at work.

Human rights laws are about ensuring we all have an equal opportunity to live our lives to the fullest.

Success should be about talent and hard work not background and privilege.

Equality means talent and hard work win out over background and privilege.

Fairness is part of our law, but it needs to be part of our shared culture.

Human rights are for everyone, regardless of race
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How human rights are fighting race discrimination

Published on 29 Nov 2019

Everyone has a basic human right to be free from discrimination.

It’s one of our most fundamental rights and is vital to uphold in our fight for equality. Do you know about how the right to freedom of discrimination protects us? Watch this video to learn a few more ways about how human rights do just that.

We also have an article on race discrimination and human rights.

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