‘Unprecedented Tragedy’: Inquiry Into Grenfell Begins

By Benjamin Lowrie, Digital Producer 14 Sep 2017

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The leader of an inquiry into the blaze at Grenfell Tower has vowed to “provide answers”, after the fire claimed the lives of at least 80 people.

Sir Martin Moore-Bick told the first hearing the disaster was a “tragedy unprecedented in modern times”, adding he was “acutely aware that so many people died.”

“Many of those who survived have been severely affected,” he added. “We are also conscious that many have lost everything.

“We cannot undo any of it”

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“The inquiry cannot undo any of that, but it can and will provide answers to how a disaster of this kind could happen in 21st Century London”.

However, he dismissed calls from the local community to appoint a representative from Grenfell, saying it would “risk undermining impartiality”.

It can and will provide answers to how a disaster of this kind could happen in 21st Century London

Addressing the anger from this community, Moore-Bick stated he would “not shrink” from making recommendations based on his findings “simply because someone else may consider that they form the basis of civil or criminal liability”.

The investigation will have two parts – firstly establishing how the fire developed, then looking at the factors that allowed the building to become a high risk for such a blaze.

He said he hopes the findings of this inquiry, which will not review cultural factors for the disaster, will help the community find “solace”.

So, What Do I Need to Know?

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