[Text on screen]: Human rights laws have driven forward equality for trans people.

This is how it happened and what still needs to be done.

Until recently our laws denied trans people many basic rights.

Like the right to marry or claim a pension in their choice of gender.

In 2004 a trans woman, called Christine Goodwin, challenged these antiquated laws in the Court of Human Rights.

Her Court of Human Rights case led to the passing of the Gender Recognition Act.

It means trans people’s legal rights are in line with their chosen gender.

In 2010 The Equality Act made it illegal to discriminate against transgender people.

Today, trans people have the right to equality in the workplace, the right to a new birth certificate, and the right to marry in their chosen gender.

But the protections could go further.

But the law still only protects people who have been living in their new gender for two years.

And you need medical evidence to prove you have changed gender.

Human rights laws are about letting people live their lives with dignity.

Our law should recognise all of us as people regardless of gender.

Basic rights can be gender-blind.

Now we need to fight for a revolution in attitudes, as well as law.
Discrimination, Equality, LGBTQ+

Why Trans Rights are Human Rights

Published on 29 Nov 2019

What do you think we should be striving towards next for trans rights? Trans rights are human rights and basic rights should be gender-blind.

However, even though massive steps have been made toward equal rights for the transgender community, there is still more for us to do when it comes to trans rights. Here are a few ways that human rights relate to trans rights, and why it’s important to keep fighting to create a more inclusive world for everyone – no matter what gender they choose to identify as.

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