Hannah Style: On the menu tonight, we have a lovely red soup. So by red, I mean any red vegetable that could get in there. We also have a wonderful stir fry coming up with extra leeks and peppers, it's being chopped, I'm just looking at it now. FEAST is a community project that runs weekly at homeless shelters. We collect surplus food and take that food to a local kitchen, where we all have a big community meal as equals made from the surplus food.

A lot of the residents who come and, you know, they're punters here. They're not just coming for the meal, they're coming for the social. And a lot of them don't even want the meal. They don't want to be pitied. They want to just have a nice chat as an equal with somebody else. Not about us and them. It's very much about everyone deserves a good meal. And it's very important that we remember that, we don't have a service system at the front. You know, nobody's higher up in the pecking order. Everyone can contribute to the meal with the spices or the chopping. It's very much a part of dignity and that's why you won't, that's why we build rapport with a lot of the individuals that come because it's about the community feeling, the dignity of each person.
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How FEAST With Us Offers Dignity to Londoners in Need

Published on 29 Nov 2019

Want to join us for a delicious FEAST?

FEAST With Us is a community-based project in London, aiming to tackle food waste and food poverty for homeless people. Collecting surplus food from retailers, FEAST enlists volunteers to help creates 3-course meals for vulnerable adults, ensuring they receive a tasty, nutritious meal and a warm welcome. The project prides itself on equality and fairness, treating all those that come for their service with dignity and respect.

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