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By EachOther's Trustees, 20 Jun 2024

Donate today to support the UK’s weekly human rights publication.

For the past nine years, our award-winning charity has educated the public on human rights, changing peoples’ perceptions and holding national and local authorities to account – at times to an audience of over half a million people a year.

Now, more than ever, EachOther needs your support to tackle misinformation surrounding human rights and give a voice to human rights champions who would otherwise be voiceless. For almost a decade, we’ve covered elections, legislation, protests and the latest headlines. Now, we are seeking your support to tackle human rights misinformation, support new writers and grow our editorial plans.

The charitable landscape is extremely challenging. We need your support to ensure our independent publication can continue supporting the vital work of underrepresented and marginalised voices from communities across the UK.

With your help…

We must protect each other’s rights, but to do so, we need your support. In the lead up to the general election, we’ve witnessed a rise in misinformation and dangerous rhetoric on human rights issues. Your donation will allow us to hold power to account on the issues that impact our daily lives and improve human rights education to the public, beyond the election.

£20 – Supports a 1-2-1 meeting with a writer from a marginalised community to develop their story.

£40 – Enables us to support writers beyond publication.

£60 – Supports the delivery of a workshop on human rights education to young people.

£100 – Supports our newsroom to produce and publish stories that otherwise go unheard.

By pledging your support today, you will become one of EachOther’s first Human Rights Defenders and will receive a 12-month subscription to our mailing lists.

With your help, EachOther will continue to deliver high quality reportage to the public, including covering the latest from Westminster, report on protests, cover inquiries and much more.

Donations will ensure we stand up in creative ways and deliver campaigns like our recent collaboration with LUSH: Don’t Make Human Rights A Dirty Word. The campaign aimed to address misinformation and survey the public on perceptions of human rights issues – at a time when the country feels divided.

The campaign reached over 400,000 online users as we took our campaign to Parliament Square, to raise awareness of human rights education. Our product ‘human rights’ is still available to purchase in some LUSH stores and is available online. All proceeds are going to support our work.


Support Independent Media in the UK…

To date, we have supported more than 466 writers and contributors from varying socio-economic and cultural backgrounds and continue to train the next generation of lawyers, journalists and media professionals through our ground-breaking partnership with Goldsmiths University London.

The high standard of our work has led to our stories being picked up by national outlets including the BBC, the Guardian as well as the Human Rights Joint Committee and the Council of Europe.

Those stories include experiences of fleeing conflict, immigration detention, rape trials, wrongful convictions, domestic violence, exclusion and much more.

Donate today, change tomorrow…

For almost a decade, EachOther has highlighted the importance of our human rights, which are often taken for granted.

That is why we are seeking your support, to ensure we can continue to support the vital work of underrepresented and marginalised voices from communities across the UK.

In the past few years, several publications and small charities have been impacted by a turbulent charitable landscape, particularly with the closure of Galdem in 2023 – a true loss to the industry. You have the opportunity today to make a difference and support independent media in the UK.

Donate today to support the UK’s weekly human rights publication and become a human rights defender. 

With your help EachOther will continue campaigning in creative and compelling ways for our rights – when, once again, they are under sustained attack.


“For several years, EachOther has been doing fantastic work highlighting the importance of our human rights, which are often taken for granted and making them meaningful for everyone in the UK. EachOther’s innovative and exciting approach was a key inspiration for the Council of Europe’s ongoing communications project showcasing the positive impact of the European Convention on Human Rights, which now includes more than 200 stories – from across the continent – covering issues ranging from the right to a fair trial to violence against women, health and the environment.” – Council of Europe.