[Footage of Donald Trump giving speech]: "The United States will cease all implementation of the non-binding Paris Accord.."

[Text on screen]: Donald Trump is pulling the USA out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Theresa May has said she is “disappointed” by the decision.

Environmental rights are human rights.

Our lives depend on the environment around us.

We need clean air to breath and unpolluted water to drink.

We need shelter and food so that our communities can thrive.

Climate change is heating up the world.

Soon clean air, land and water will become more scarce.

This will reduce people’s human rights to live safe and dignified lives.

Especially people living in poorer parts of the world.

Human rights laws can help.

Some countries’ constitutions have a right to a healthy environment.

But not yet the UK.

The Human Rights Convention protects people through other rights.

Like the rights to life and privacy.

People have used human rights to expose failures by states to protect the environment.

Human rights can fill in the gaps.

But the best way to protect the environment is to reduce pollution.

That needs unprecedented international cooperation.

The fight continues.


Environmental rights are human rights

Published on 29 Nov 2019

Are environmental issues part of human rights?

We all have a right to a fulfilling and healthy life, and that arguably depends on the well-being of the planet. Low air pollution, clean water, safe food. These all depend on the environment and how we treat it. So does the UK have any human rights laws tied to environmental protection?

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